Rotonda Heights C.A. Amenities Overview

Picnic Area

Picnic area complete with picnic tables situated under the shade of the palm trees.

Traffic Circle at Cougar Way and Sunset Road

Dawn to Dusk

Please leave the picnic area in the same condition you found it.
Take all trash with you.


The lakes and canals in Rotonda Heights are privately owned and maintained by the Association.

They serve a particular purpose as part of the subdivision’s drainage plan and are reserved for the use of Association members only, not the general public.

As a member of the Association, if you do choose to fish the lakes, please be courteous and do not fish directly behind someone’s home. No internal combustion engines are allowed on the lakes and canals. If you see someone who is trespassing or around the lakes (including fishermen), you are encouraged to call the Sheriff’s office by dialing 941-639-2101 (non-emergency).